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Spiderest is a science blog with a mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of science and celebrate science as a vital part of our culture. 

We think that the public understanding of science is important as much as scientific research itself. Our team is working together on creating a trustful source of information based on the latest scientific research. Readers driven by curiosity are our audience.

We will be publishing science stories, opinion articles, including guest articles written by scientists and communicators.

Meet Our Team

We are a group of science enthusiasts who are passionate about science communication and want to spread the word of science.

Lazar Kulašević
Founder & Editor

Master Chemist and Frontend Developer. I love to write sciency words and code as well.


Jovana Tasić
Social Media Manager

I am a Mathematician and Data Scientist with a tendency to apply mathematical thinking in everyday life. I enjoy reading science books and I’m a recycling enthusiast.


Radmila Janković
Editor & Writer

I am a PhD student and a Research Scientist passionate about sharing science and making science fun and more accessible for everyone. A huge cat lover interested in everything about the world that surrounds us.


Lizye Eirynnaindll
Editor & Writer

I was fortunate to live in an area with schools that incorporated a wide range of science courses, growing up. I attended two anatomy classes in high school. I was passionate about both science and art, and I decided to try to combine them in my studies. I enrolled in university with a Biology major and Chemistry minor, but ended up completing a minor in Anatomy and Neurobiology instead.


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