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Long time no see!

As you already noticed I don’t write a lot lately. Yeah, it’s sad, but I’m a student again, master’s this time, and I don’t get much spare time. In fact, most of my daily free time I spend reading and sharing science news on my Facebook page Spiderest Science. I curate a couple of informational images occasionally, but that’s about all the energy I’m allowed to spare so I could remain happy with my daily routine.

I’ve been thinking lately…

Why don’t people pay attention to the things that matter? For example, the planet we live on. We are destroying Earth each day, and people couldn’t care less! That pisses me off, and now I chose to write about it in hope to wake up sleeping beauties.

Instead of focusing on preserving our planet, all the public’s attention is directed at trends, which are mostly stupid. Have you ever wondered what happens with a soda can or bottle when you finish up your beverage and toss it in the garbage?

That happened! Can you find your bottle? Grab a closer look.



How do you feel about it? Sad, pissed off maybe? Yeah, I know. The point is, you can do something about it. RECYCLE! Pick up your plastic or metal garbage and head to the nearest recycling station and tell the Earth that you love her and you are grateful for the life she provided you in the first place. More importantly, tell your friends about it. Teach your closest to appreciate our green planet and do exactly the same you’re about to do – recycle.

The Verge:

Henderson Island, which is located between New Zealand and Chile, was found to be covered in an estimated 38 million pieces of trash, most of it plastic, according to a new study. The density of debris was the highest recorded anywhere in the world, the authors say.

Can you see the big picture? An island full of garbage!

We did that! Humans.

Nature gave birth to humans. But human nature is not something Nature considered when giving birth.

There, I said it.

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